Dogecon Vancouver 2018 (, is an event managed and presented by a Canadian owned & operated nonprofit members society, Carpe Lunam Events Association (CRA Business Number: 76137 2317), formed to spread awareness of, and education about, decentralized technology and its potentially transformative cultural effects.

As stated in our payment instructions, each cryptocurrency invoice will be checked manually by members of our team, so the process of confirming your ticket will not be an immediate one. Additionally, the confirmed email you provide during the payment process will be our sole means of linking you to your initial payment, so be sure to use a legitimate address which you can reliably access.

Payment methods:

All prices are listed in Canadian dollars. Dogecon Vancouver 2018 accepts Bitcoin & Dogecoin directly, plus Ethereum and 40+ Altcoins through Shapeshift integration. Currency conversion will be done at the time of checkout.

Verifying your payment and processing your tickets:

The email address you give at checkout will be our confirmed method of communication and follow-up to issue your tickets. Additionally, we’ll require a unique name and email (pseudonyms are fine) for each guest to be assigned to on our invite list. Each unique ticket code will be redeemable only once, upon arrival at Dogecon, at which point the attendee will receive their weekend pass in person. Each guest will also receive an email invite in advance to use the Whova mobile and web application to access interactive content and scheduling information.

Processing Times:

We plan to process orders within 24-48 hours of receiving payment. We are manually reviewing invoices and matching them to your “guest list RSVP” forms, using your confirmed email address, using your transaction ID for secondary confirmation regarding the order.

We aim to process all orders at a maximum of 48-72 hours of receiving payment. Very large order volumes may take extra confirmation times and processing may be as long as 99 hours.


We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time if the payment which is sent for the order is less than the amount required, as indicated on the payment page.

If your order is underpaid, you will be contacted via the email you provided, and asked to provide additional funds to fulfill any balance owing. If you are unable to provide these funds, you will be issued a refund to the bitcoin address of your choice, minus any miner fees required to initiate the refunding transaction.

Conflict between payment invoice and RSVP information:

If your payment invoice reflects you have paid for a certain number of tickets, either regular or upgraded, and your follow-up RSVP form references information for a different number or type of tickets, we will reach out via your confirmed email address and inquire as to your intended order.

Cancellations / Refunds:

All tickets are non-reversible and non-refundable unless a refund is authorized by a Carpe Lunam Events Association Board Director. If you have made a mistake in your order, you must immediately contact us at [email protected] to try to rectify the situation. We will work with our customers to help with any and all issues. Refunds are discretionary.

Delivery of the “Dogecon Vancouver 2018” experience:

No guaranteed refunds– we kept the tickets as cheap as possible to ensure that everyone who really wants to be here can make it to join us, and we will need to liquidate consistently into fiat to cover event operation costs. Rest assured our team has put their all into making this thing amazing, but we can’t be held responsible for any act of God, natural disaster, corporate centralist conspiracy, or anything else that would stand to get in our way.