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Decentralized Dance Party

Transparency and Financial Inclusivity

Carpe Lunam Events Association

Dogecon Organizing Team

Gary Lachance

has held the beginning threads of Dogecon in his heart for quite some time, and he guides our spirits in this pursuit as in so many others; he’ll be masterminding the Decentralized Doge Party 2.0 and The State of the Decentralized Union Address.

Alex Salkeld

has steered the event’s unfolding as a true Doge Preacher, leading both Carpe Lunam Events Association and the Dogecon team. He is architecting the ultimate gamified experience for DogeQuest: Hunt For the One True Chain, as well as serving as dual MC for DOGETalks.

Chelsea Palmer

has been furiously whiteboarding and Trello-listing this instantiation of Dogecon for months now, and she’ll be designing content and unique experiences for Healing Moon Launch Ceremony, DOGETalks, and the Midsummer Night’s Meme Rap Affair.

Tanna Po

is our in-house crypto artist and mystical media muse, executing everything from paintings to blog posts to ensure that the many faces of the Doge make themselves seen. Always clever, often subtle, and usually ten steps ahead.

Ludmila Maresova

our global traveller who's always taking the interesting route. Every week we're learning new, amazing things about Ludmila for she truly is a block of all chains. She brings a critical eye for detail and valuable strategic foresight to the operational team.

Arman Mottaghi

is our Open Source champion and hackathon ringer, steering SCRUM-style sprints and auditing team collaborative practices to batten down the hatches for a richly complex execution phase once all systems are go.

Sophia Hughes

is a veteran DDP organizer and old-school HODLer who values privacy and freedom. Sophia's outstanding professionalism has grounded our wants into solid locations while maintaining the spirit of Doge absurdism.

Cameron Gray

has led us to excellence from the beginning with his graphic design, acoustic guitar, and tongue-in-cheek sayings, ensuring that we stay true to the decentralist whimsy of the Doge.

Rob Myers

has advised the Carpe Lunam crew on matters from artistic to practical since this project’s inception, and will serve as the storymaster for the DogeQuest game and beyond.

Jacob Robert Steeves

is lending his wildly sharp mind to crafting riddles and puzzles to add layers of abstraction to the DogeQuest competition.

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Our Mission

Dogecon 2018 started as a beautiful meme dream around the end of this past January, with a group of Vancouver decentralists imagining a complex and innovative celebration of this Year of the Doge. Everytime we hit a crossroads between doing this the normal way, and “forking” in a more radically playful direction, we tried to stay true to the latter path. We’re most of the way to the finish line and have some wild participatory shenanigans planned. Do consider joining us!

Found online, contact us if you created this amazing meme!

Decentralized Dance Party

For many members of the Vancouver decentralist community, as well as a network of folks scattered across the globe, the origins of our passion for decentralization lay with the Decentralized Dance Party.

For us, the ‘social experiment’ of the DDP has indeed shown that it’s possible to unite thousands of people of all ages, cultures and social groups in order to peacefully celebrate our Common Humanity. It is a unique force that has the power to overcome negative conditioning and unify and inspire earth’s inhabitants in ways never before imagined. This believe and revolutionary joy drives all that we build at Carpe Lunam Events Association, and it is at the heart and soul of Dogecon.

Carpe Lunam Events Association

Carpe Lunam Events Association was formed as a nonprofit member-funded society in British Columbia to serve as the seat of Dogecon’s operations when it was wisely suggested to us that we might not want to just wing it anarchically on this large of a scale. This society’s constitution (PDF warning) outlines our shared purposes for this and future projects:

  • to organize community events which promote collaborative community dialogue around intentional and ethical design in the disruptive technology field;
  • to provide an accessible platform for grassroots artists, musicians, writers, programmers, and other creators to enhance their visibility within the larger decentralization community; and
  • to support widespread education about decentralization, blockchain technology, voluntaryism, and non-hierarchical governance.

Check out our “Get Involved” page for more information on collaborating with us!

Transparency and Financial Inclusivity

We’ve been “eating our own dog food” on the financial equity principle as an organizing team, as well. Carpe Lunam Events Association was formed as a nonprofit member-funded society to serve as the seat of Dogecon’s operations, and we eschew the mentality that too often equates crypto conferences with revenue machines. Some of our first dedicated budget allotments were to secure legal counsel and accounting advice, to ensure our books and practices are solid and transparent.

Aside from outside specialists, all team members from founders to artists make the same contracting wage ($25/hour), allowing us to pay more people, more equally. We’ll offer opportunities for people to volunteer 10+ hours in exchange for a free weekend pass, as well as set up accommodations for out of town volunteers to stay cheap or free. If our revenue goes above and beyond our projections, rather than pocketing the difference, we’ll apply those additional funds to further scholarship allotments for guests’ travel and increased honorariums for speakers and artists.

Finally, we plan to maintain as much transparency as possible around these allotments, and all sponsors will have access to our internal financial modeling upon request. When we finalize the event’s financial statements in early June, we will upload the documents (with names/sensitive information redacted) to IPFS and hash the file in the Dogecoin blockchain, to ensure that from start to finish, we’ve stayed true to our our whimsical love for the shibe.