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Dogecon Memories

Thursday: Healing Moon Launch Ceremony

The beloved Bob Summerwill's opening keynote at the Healing Moon launch ceremony.

Ludmila Maresova reads tarot cards for the attendees.

Chelsea Palmer (aka msGNU) MCing the launch ceremony.

Friday: DOGETalks, #BUIDL Hall Expo, Dinner in the Sky, Crypto Speed Debates

DOGETalks opening keynote by Jaya Klara Brekke, beaming in from Europe.

The Value Panel at DOGETalks.

Mike Olthoff from CryptoAsylum and Mario Gibney from Blockstream, two of the exhibitors at the DOGETalks #BUIDL Expo.

Axiom Zen hosting a hands-on Cryptokitties workshop.

Max Borders, Chelsea Palmer, and (one-third of) Taylor Singleton-Fookes at the DOGETalks Antifragility panel.

Alex Lebed, sometimes known as Stable Unit Penguin , enjoying one of the workshops.

Matt (B)Lockyer and Pied Piper Coin CEO Richard Hendricks debating over ETH and ETC.

BorisCoin does not scale-- this is what Boris REALLY wanted.

Doge lovers attempt to complete an intricate jigsaw puzzle (Still working on it to this day at DCTRL Community Commons!).

Saturday: DogeQuest Game, State of the Decentralized Union Address, Decentralized Doge Party 2.0

Alex Salkeld giving instructions to the DogeQuest teams in front of Vancouver's Chinese Cultural Centre.

Such printed material!

Much curiosity!

A DogeQuest team attempts to solve a puzzle to receive the location of the next clue.

The Doge moon rocket placed in the center of the Wosk Centre for Dialogue as people begin to enter the venue.

The future will not be centralized.

Gary Lachance addressing the State of the Decentralized Union.

Griff Green beaming in to the State of the Decentralized Union.

Scott Beibin and Mike C Taylor put their final touches on the Doge Head construction.

Boomboxes are ready to go for the Decentralized Dance Party.

Crowd gathering around the rocket and the moon for the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP).

Moon is successfully claimed by the DDP crowd with the Doge Head.

The Doge Head on Vancouver Art Gallery's lion statue.

The sign says it all.

The Decentralized Dance Party goes on!

Sunday: A Midsummer Night's Meme Rap Affair and the What Do You Meme? Art Show

Vero Dalo performing an interpretive dance on blockchain technology.

DIY stickers and name tag station.

Artistically rendered sponsor postcards.

Jessica Angel explains her upcoming art project to a crowd chilling at the Waldorf.

Surprise bus taking the partying crowd to Stanley Park for a jump in the ocean.

Dogecon Wristbands.

Our favourite roast of coffee.

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