Dogecon Vancouver 2018 is a weekend celebration of the social layer of crypto culture, embracing memes and tweetstorms as the current pinnacle of human art and attention.

Much Dogecon

Our amazing first save-the-date image, by Cameron Gray


Jackson Palmer

Creator of Dogecoin; crypto coder & cultural commentator

Bob Summerwill

Ethereum trailblazer; uniter of chains & tribes

Griff Green

Giveth founder; decentralist and white-hat community hero

Max Borders

Voice & Exit founder; Social Evolution Executive Director

Taylor Gerring

Ethereum Foundation co-founder; creator of Blockchain.WTF

John Light

Aragon community lead; Bitseed co-founder

MaRi Eagar

DigitalFutures co-founder; Vancouver blockchain community leader

Louis Parker co-founder; meme-master extraordinaire

Anders Aamodt

Holo community coordinator; Xenogaming theorist

… and many more confirmations rolling in! We’ll update as the RSVPs arrive :-)

We’ll also have the pleasure of many community and media partnerships with Dogecoin Millionaire livetweeting, #BlockTalk conducting on-the-scene interviews, and participation from Vancouver Co-op Radio, Blockchain@UBC, Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party, DCTRL community commons and more!

Checkout our blog for updates.