Carpe Lunam Events Association is pleased to pull back the curtain to reveal our plans for Dogecon 2018, an absurdist celebration of cryptoeconomics and meme culture in Vancouver, BC.

Dogecon will be a playful and participatory decentralist community celebration during Summer Solstice, with core events occurring from the evening of Thursday June 21 to the late hours of Sunday June 24. A breakdown of these can be found on pages 5-7 of this brochure.

Swaths of time in between will exist as a well-documented but relatively permissionless culture crawl showcase of the thriving tech, arts, and culture scene of Vancouver, with lots of chances to enjoy the summer scenery. Overall, the four day weekend will build upon the “unconference” event format to craft a participatory “unconvention,” with special attention paid to elements of gamification, performativity, and whimsical creativity.

Who Are We?

We are Shibes that dare, still, to dream.

We #BUIDL upon the foundation of the long-standing Vancouver node of the global decentralist community, and we embrace the absurdist beauty and wisdom of Dogecoin, the Doge meme, and all its trappings. We see play as a collaborative method for learning together, and the Doge meme as an appropriate foundation for a crypto cease-fire.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of our core team and advisors on the “About Us” page; suffice to say we’re a bunch of relatively old-school crypto fans who want to craft an incomparably creative and unforgettable weekend experience. We’ve been engaged in strategic outreach and invitation since February, securing participation and sponsorship from key figures in the developer, artist, and social media spaces of cryptocurrency.

We Want You at Dogecon If:

  • You understand that this is simultaneously super-serious professional-type business, and a super-fun epic joke made real
  • You are interested in cryptocurrency no matter what the current prices are
  • You are passionate about art, music, gaming, BUIDLing, and open source
  • You are comfortable with a more Burning Man style experience than a formal conference: this is a participatory art piece, and a four-day-long autonomous zone!

What to Expect

Dogecon is about collaborative and lighthearted cultural immersion, playing on Summer Solstice traditions interwoven with memetic themes. We encourage you to come along prepared to really get involved: soon enough you might find yourself on stage with a mic in your hand, or up to your elbows in paint, or deep in relaxing meditation. There will be diverse options for participation.

Saturday’s day and night activities will mostly be completely free for the general public to spectate and/or participate, though there will be a set fee for teams entering DogeQuest to compete for the prize, and there is a State of the Doge Address on Saturday evening which will be invite-only due to the venue’s size. All ticketed events will be filmed or streamed for free access online.

Find out more about our plans for ticket sales and prices on our “Get Involved” page!

We’ll have a Vancouver Ecosystem maps overlay on our site during the long weekend, showing local businesses, sponsors, art spaces and “unconvention” nodes. We’re aiming to score discounts and specials for our attendees at downtown restaurants, and to coordinate with the thriving local event scene to list all the meetups, talks, and other cool activities that are underway.

Financial inclusivity is crucial to us, and we’ll have limited opportunities to volunteer in exchange for a free weekend pass based on need - email us with “Volunteer Inquiry” in the email header, and we’ll send you more info soon!